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Ear Candles

Save 33% Wallys Natural - 100% BEESWAX EAR CANDLES - 2 PACK
Wallys Natural - 100% BEESWAX EAR CANDLES - 2 PACK

Ear Candles

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As far as we know Wally's Natural Products is the #1 manufacturer and distributor of ear candles in the United States based on volume and sales. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and high-quality service. Misleading the public about the positive effects of ear candling for the purpose of selling more ear candles is not one of our philosophies.

Unfortunately, it seems the majority of people who have heard of ear candling think or have been told that the procedure removes wax from the ear while the candle is burning. It is quite a selling point to say, "Wow, look at all the wax that came out of your ear! Don't you feel better now?" This is the placebo effect in action. Unfortunately again, as far as I know most other ear candle manufacturers claim these "fantastic" results simply to sell more ear candles. There is no vacuum. There is no suction. But regardless of the misconceptions, ear candles DO help your ears out.

In reality, absolutely no ear wax is removed from your ear while the procedure is occurring. Smoke and warmth enter the outer ear canal and work to soften, loosen, and help break-up ear wax that your body cannot naturally excrete on its own. The wax is not liquefied and it doesn't drip or drain out of your ear later. Instead, its texture becomes much softer, it's color becomes darker, and it falls out of your ear 1 to 5 days following the procedure (usually while you are sleeping) just like it happens normally.

Unlike your nose, there is a reason our ears are not big enough to stick our fingers in; we shouldn't do it. Human ingenuity has overcome this "short-coming" by creating the Q-Tip. Right on the Q-Tip package it says, bright as day, "Do not insert in your ear canal". If you use Q-Tips to clean out your ears every day, like millions of people do, you are compacting and impacting ear wax that would have stayed soft, pliable and naturally expellable. There are folds inside your ear that channel sounds toward your ear drum. Using Q-Tips presses wax into these folds, clogging them up and impairing your hearing. Being that the layer of wax now coating your outer ear canal is very thin, it dries and hardens before your ear has a chance to excrete it. Ear candles help break-up and soften this wax allowing your ear to kick it out and bring in the sound.

We highly recommend you sit upright during the procedure for your own safety. You will be more alert and aware of what is happening and there is less of a chance of falling, burning debris from an improperly trimmed candle landing on you. You can candle however you want to, but we don't recommend any other method.

What are the benefits of ear candling?
Ear candling is a relaxing and soothing experience. It is a process whereby heated air is channeled into the outer ear canal for the primary purpose of helping to soften old, hardened and impacted ear wax. During the process small particles of ear wax and debris may be drawn up in to the candle, however, the main portion of the softened wax is normally excreted naturally by the ear within the next few days.

Are there people who should not be candled?
Anyone who has had recent ear or sinus surgery, tubes, bleeding or draining of fluids from the ear, or an ear drum perforation should not ear candle. Any current serious ear or sinus problem should always be brought to the attention of an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Does it take more than one person to perform the procedure?
Yes! Never attempt ear candling by yourself. Another person must watch over the process and cut the ash from the burning candle as needed. The procedure should take place on a person sitting upright, with the burning end of the candle angled slightly upward. An ear candler can easily monitor the progress and avoid problems with ash or fire.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?
Ear candling is a soothing, relaxing process. An interesting "crackling" sound can be heard as the candle burns. If the candle is allowed to burn shorter than 4 inches (10 cm), the heat produced may become uncomfortable to the ear canal. Always remove the ear candle when it burns to 4" in length.

How long does an ear candling session take?
When an experienced ear candler performs the procedure using 2 ear candles per ear, the session may last an hour or more. Each candle can take 8 to 12 minutes to burn down to 4" in length, where it is then removed and extinguished. A facial massage and ear oil application should be included to enhance and promote the procedure.

How many ear candles can be used per session?
For adults, 1 to 4 ear candles per ear are recommended for a single session.

How often can a person be candled?
Everyone is different, and so are their ears. Some people ear candle weekly, some monthly, others ear candle yearly and many candle with the change of each season. It is up to the individual person and the amount of wax that builds up in the ear, that normally determines how often the process should be done.

What should one do right after ear candling?
The ears may become sensitive after ear candling. It is recommended that a drop of Wally's Ear Oil be put on a cotton swab and gently swabbed around the outer ear canal. Refrain from immersing your head and ears in water immediately after the ear candling procedure.

What is that stuff in the bottom of the candle?
Many people and certain ear candle manufacturers claim that ear candles extract ear wax by suction from the burning candle but this is not the case. The majority of what you see remaining in the bottom of the ear candle after it's use is either melted paraffin or beeswax. If you don't have a very good seal at the ear you may get a lot of brown, white, or yellowish powdery residue inside the candle, which is actually vaporized wax.

At what age can ear candling be administered?
We do not recommend this process for children under the age of 12. Children under 12 may not remain still while the procedure is being performed. The procedure involves fire, therefore, extreme caution should be taken should you choose to ear candle a small child. Ear candling is not harmful to children, but fire is.

How and where can I learn to do ear candling?
A manual entitled The Practical Guide to Ear Candling may be purchased from Wally's Natural Products. This fully-illustrated, informative guide demonstrates the complete ear candling process, history, traditional and modern methods. You may also find a qualified ear candler in your area and see if they teach the process. If you take a course from an ear candler, make sure you ask about their experience and get references.

How long does it take to learn how to candle?
First you will need to completely understand and feel comfortable with the process before you try it. Be sure to have an assistant, or go to an experienced ear candling practitioner, and use extreme care with fire and flammable material. Most people learn the technique in two or three sessions, but experience with many people and in different situations are the best lessons.

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Wallys Natural - 100% BEESWAX EAR CANDLES - 2 PACK $8.39 $5.62Save 33% WN-30002
Wallys Natural - 100% BEESWAX EAR CANDLES - 4 PACK $15.74 $10.58Save 33% WN-30004
Wallys Natural - LAVENDER PARAFFIN EAR CANDLES - 2 PACK $6.49 $4.26Save 34% WN-60012
Wallys Natural - LAVENDER PARAFFIN EAR CANDLES - 4 PACK $12.59 $8.63Save 31% WN-60014

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