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Save 45% Now - Sam-E 400Mg  60 Tabs
Now - Sam-E 400Mg 60 Tabs

Save 23% Jarrow - SAM-e 400 400MG - 30 Tabs
Jarrow - SAM-e 400 400MG - 30 Tabs


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SAMe is a basic life-supporting nutrient which enables cells to grow and repair themselves and offers relief for many conditions, including arthritis, depression, liver problems, fibromyalgia and precursors to heart disease. -November 2000 GreatLife 29

SAMe has been used as a prescription drug in Europe for years. In fact, many people choose it over Prozac in Italy. The nutrient has been studied by researchers for more than 25 years for ailments as diverse as headaches and infertility, and it works faster than St. John's wort.

S-denosylmethionine - SAMe - is formed by the union of the amino acid methionine and ATP, the body's cellular energy supply. SAMe(pronounced "Sammy") has a hand in more than 40 vital biochemical processes. It's required to manufacture sulfur-containing compounds, such as the antioxidant glutathione and some cartilage components. SAMe helps produce neurotransmitters in the brain and even regulates our genes. It does all this through a process called methylation.

It's best to take SAMe on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch. Take enteric-coated tablets to ensure best absorption. Dosage varies, depending on what is being addressed. In the treatment of any disease, advice from a medical professional familiar with nutritional therapies is advised. These dosage guidelines are based on research to date:DEPRESSION: 400 mg daily. ARTHRITIS: 800 mg daily for the first two weeks then reduce to 400 mg dally. LIVER DISORDERS: 1,200 mg dally. FIBROMYALGIA: 200 t0 800 mg dally, depending on individual needs.

SAMe donates a four-atom limb, called a methyl group, to a molecule in need, and that molecule goes on to do its work, such as preserving cell membranes or helping to enhance your mood. This methylation process occurs about a billion times a second throughout the body.

So widespread and far-reaching are its effects that Craig Cooney, Ph.D., author of Methyl Magic, (Andrews McMeel, 1999), says, "Without methylation there would be no life at all." There are other methyl donors, but SAMe is the most effective one.

SAMe donates its methyl groups to DNA, protein and phospholipids. DNA methylation allows our genes to get to work, regulating cell growth and repair, healing wounds, creating immune cells and more. Researchers speculate that under-methylation of DNA is a factor in cancer, because the body doesn't then have enough of the raw materials it needs to repair damaged cells before they become cancerous.

The methylation of protein is crucial for cellular growth and repair. If the process becomes sluggish, vital organ systems, such as the heart and brain, can deteriorate. In the brain, this sluggishness can cause depression, but supplementing with SAMe can increase levels of neurotransmitters and the number of receptors for these chemical messengers. SAMe helps phospholipids, fat-like substances that make up cell membranes, retain their flexibility. It also increases production of phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid involved with mood and memory.

DescriptionSuggested Retail PriceOur Price SKU
Allergy Research Group - SAMe Tabs - 20 $21.00 $21.00 ARG-73190
Davinci Labs - SAM-e 400mg - 60 Tablets $86.80 $86.80 DV-2452_06
Douglas Labs - Sam-E Tablets 30 Cap $48.80 $48.80 DL-98304-30
Good N Natural - SAM-e 200 mg (Enteric Coated/ Blistered) - 30 Tablet $30.99 $14.86Save 52% GNN-7116
Jarrow - SAM-e 400 400MG - 30 Tabs $39.95 $30.96Save 23% JAR-20020
Jarrow - SAM-e 400mg - 60 Tablets $69.95 $48.96Save 30% 90011-20042
Jarrow - SAM-E Joint 200MG - 60 Caps $41.95 $30.36Save 28% JAR-20019
KAL - SAMe 200 mg 200mg - 30ct Tab $37.79 $23.51Save 38% KAL-10946
KAL - SAMe Coenzyme B 200mg - 30Vcp $37.99 $25.07Save 34% 21245-49968
Life Extension - SAMe 200mg Blister Pack 30 Tablets $25.00 $18.75Save 25% 37870-19353
Natrol - SAM-e S-Adenosyl L-Methionine 200mg - 20 tabs $24.49 $15.10Save 38% NAT-16141
Natural Factors - Sam-E 200mg - 30 tabs $26.95 $18.87Save 30% NF-2707
Natural Factors - Sam-E 200mg - 60 tabs $49.95 $34.97Save 30% NF-2708
Now - Sam-E 100Mg 30 Tabs $16.99 $8.73Save 49% NW-0135
Now - Sam-E 2X 200Mg 60 Tabs $45.99 $22.99Save 50% NW-0138
Now - Sam-E 2X 200Mg 30 Tabs $25.99 $12.99Save 50% NW-0137
Now - Sam-E 400Mg 30 Tabs $45.99 $22.99Save 50% NW-0139
Now - Sam-E 400Mg 60 Tabs $71.99 $39.59Save 45% NW-0141
Olympian Labs - SAMe Gold - 30 tabs $44.99 $24.86Save 45% 10013-03265
Ortho Molecular - SAMe - 60 Caps $85.90 $85.90 OM-513060
Zahler - SAMe 200mg 60 Enteric Caplets $49.95 $32.47Save 35% 48998-08069
Zahler - SAMe 400mg 30 Enteric Caplets $49.95 $32.47Save 35% 48998-08068

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