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Save 57% Natures Answer - Olive Leaf - Alcohol Free Single - 2oz
Natures Answer - Olive Leaf - Alcohol Free Single - 2oz


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Since the earliest of times, the Olive leaf has been referenced as a mythological symbol, as a nutritional food and as a healing medicinal, to name just a few citations. Olive oil is more widely used for cooking and eating than any other oil on earth. Even modern medicine extols its virtues as a heart-healthy food.

For many years, scientists have been researching Olive leaf's properties as it relates to protection from disease. The leaves contain oleuropein, a bitter compound that affords the Olive tree a marked resistance to insects, bacteria and other parasites.

During the 1960's there were many published studies in Europe reporting that the bitter compound, oleuropein, had many health benefits based on animal studies. These included lowering blood pressure, increasing coronary artery blood flow, relaxing abdominal muscle spasms and lowering blood pressure.

A large American pharmaceutical corporation began other research on one isolated constituent of oleuropein, called elenolic acid. This compound was proven to have the capacity to destroy and inhibit the growth of an incredible array of pathogenic organisms including bacteria, yeast's and viruses when tested in-vitro (ie. in a petri dish). The organisms that were wiped out included common infectious illnesses such as cold and flu viruses, herpes and retroviruses like HIV. Types of bacteria and parasites included planterum, E. Coli and malariae.

When the in-vitro (in live animals) studies commenced, no toxic effects were reported, even at high doses. However, the isolated elenolic acid, which was given in the form of calcium elenolate, did not circulate as a free compound, but became bound with proteins in the blood and was thereby inactivated.

Today, health care practitioners familiar with natural therapies advise people to consider Olive leaf extract for many conditions caused by virulent microorganisms such as colds and flu, herpes outbreaks, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida and Parasites. Furthermore, other than the occasional allergy, Olive leaf has no known toxic effect and therefore, can be used preventatively as well.

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Natures Answer - Olive Leaf - Alcohol Free Single - 2oz $19.99 $8.57Save 57% NA-00653

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