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SKU: NS-50112    UPC: 732391501124

Nature's Secret - Candistroy - 2 Bottles of 60 Tabs

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Over 90% of the US population has some degree of candida overgrowth. Candida overgrowth is a nasty yeast problem that can be potentially destructive to your body, causing negative effects in both men and women. Candida is a yeast organism that normally resides in the intestinal tract along with a host of beneficial or "good" bacteria. The problem begins when our good bacteria is killed off .. for example - through the use of antibiotics. Candida can multiply out of control. Candida is a living organism that excretes waste. These wastes are toxic and can cause a wide variety of very real problems including poor digestion, fatigue, bloat, gas, poor elimination, mood swings, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, head pain, brain fog, female issues, skin rashes, lowered immunity, and much more. Poor diet, excessive sugar, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, and chemicals found in drinking water are just a few of the factors that may make your body susceptible to candida overgrowth. People that have been battling these chronic symptoms such as fatigue and low immunity without relief would do well to explore the possibility of candida overgrowth and take the necessary steps to alleviate this condition.
CANDISTROY This is the first 2-part program designed to combat candida with a powerful blend of clinically formulated ingredients, as well as replenish and rebuild the intestinal system with beneficial bacteria ... out with the bad, in with the good! Candistroy is the first complete program that attacks candida from all angles... a) eliminating the candida b) building the body's digestive heat and alleviating the dampness so common with candida c) supporting the body's immune system d) replenishing beneficial bacteria in both small and large intestines and e) producing a favorable environment for good bacteria to grow and flourish.
PART I - CANDISTROYER This high potency formula consists of zinc tannates, garlic, pau d'arco and powerful berberine containing herbs. Candistroyer has been clinically formulated to facilitate the elimination of candida albicans. Active Ingredients: Calcium 38mg, Zinc 12mg, Proprietary Blend 505mg containing Goldenseal root, Garlic, Pau d' arco, Oregon grape root, Barberry extract, Cinnamon bark, cloves, licorice root, Orange peel, Pepperint oil, Thyme leaf.
PART II - PROBIOTIC REBUILDER This powerful formula consists of documented, shelf stable lactobacillus acidophilus for the small intestines, bifidobacterium bifidum for the large intestines, FOS (fructooligosaccharides), probiotic growth cofactors and N-Acetyl D Glucosamine, a nutrient that also promotes growth of bifidobacteria. Active Ingredients: L Acidophilus (dairy free) 1 billion live organisms 100mg, B Bifidum, 500 Million live organisms 50mg, Proprietary blend 250mg containing FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), N-Acetyl D Glucosamine.
The END BENEFIT: People no longer have to live with candida albicans or its many frustrating symptoms such as fatigue, gas, poor elimination, poor digestion, sugar cravings, moodiness, brain fog, cold hands and feet, digestive bloat, digestive disturbances, chronic problems with fungus and allergies. *CANDISTROYER Zinc Tannates - Tannates are powerful antifungal substances that act through their astringent effects. They bind irreversibly to substances on the surface of the fungal membranes reducing its ability to adhere to the host's epithelial membrane. The tannate covered surface blocks fungal metabolism, resulting in the death of the fungal cell.
Barberry Root Extract - Contains berberine, an agent which has been demonstrated to be effective against candida albicans.
Goldenseal Root - Another berberine source. Berberine also appears to be effective in normalizing the microflora of the gut by acting against both negative bacteria as well as the yeast.
Oregon Grape Root - Another berberine containing ingredient. Berberine also supports immune function by increasing the blood supply to the spleen. Berberine has been shown to be an activator of macrophages, the cells responsible for destroying bacteria, viruses, yeast as well as cellular debris and yeast toxins.
Peppermint Oil - The active ingredients are the constituents of the volatile oil. Peppermint leaf oil is antiflatulent and antispasmodic. Peppermint can help with digestive discomfort experienced with candida.
Orange Peel - The primary active ingredients in orange peel are found in the volatile oil. Orange peel is primarity used as a digestive harmonizer and carminative ingredient.
Cinnamon Bark - The most active ingredients are found in the volatile oil from the bark. The volatile oil is strongly candicidal, and also serves as a digestive warmer in this formula.
Cloves - The active ingredients in cloves are found primarily in the volatile oil. Clove oil is also candicidal. Cloves are used as a carminative and to relieve nausea.
Garlic - Garlic has significant antiyeast and immune support activity.
Pau D'Arco - Contains lapachol and xyloidone which have been shown to have anti-candida effects.
Licorice Root - Supports the liver and digestive system, also a harmonizing herb.
Thyme Leaf - Contains essential oils which can help eliminate candida.
*PROBIOTIC REBUILDER Lactobacillus acidophilus BT 1386 - Lactobacillus acidophilus is a normal inhabitant of the small intestine and urogenital tract. Oral supplementation of lactobacillus acidophilus is thought to positively affect microbial balance in the human intestinal tract. Lactobacilli, as well as bifidobacteria, produce a variety of factors which inhibit or antagonize other bacteria. These include metabolic end products such as organic acids (lactic and acetic acid), hydrogen peroxide and bacteriocins. Lactobacilli may inhibit pathogens by lowering pH in the intestines via the liberation of organic acids. BT 1386 is a novel probiotic strain, which by special processing can be shelf stable. BT 1386 ferments carbohydrates and glycogen, which is indicative of enzyme activity. BT 1386 attaches to epithelial cells, grows in 3% bile (which is necessary for survival in the small intestine) and survives at a pH of 4, which is necessary to pass through the stomach. Bifidobacterium, bifidurn - B. bifidum is the predominant bacteria in the large intestine. Bifidobacteria ferment fructose, galactose, glucose and produce L(+) lactic acid. These bacteria also produce enzymes that hydrolyze fructooligosaccharides. FOS - Fructooligosaccharides are a cofactor for probiotic growth. In human studies, consumption of FOS has been shown to increase the number of bifidobacteria in stool samples. Consumption of FOS also resulted in lower stool pH, indicating a shift in colonic microflora towards increased numbers of acid producing (favorable) bacteria. N,Acetyl D Glucosamine - Promotes growth of bifidobacteria. In animal studies, NAG has also been shown to prevent adherence of Candida albicans to the intestinal mucosa.

Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement, Candistroyer and Probiotic Rebuilder should be taken as follows: week 1: one tablet of each product with breakfast and dinner week 2: two tablets of each product woth breakfast and dinner week 3 to 6 months: three tablets of each product with breakfast and dinner
The statements included above have not been evaluated by the FDA or Total Health. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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