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Save 50% Good N Natural - Colostrum 650 mg - 60 Capsule
Good N Natural - Colostrum 650 mg - 60 Capsule

Save 50% Now - Super Colostrum 500Mg 90 Vcaps
Now - Super Colostrum 500Mg 90 Vcaps


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After only one month of taking Colostrum, I lost eight pounds and my eyesight has improved to the point that I can see and read things without the use of my glasses," enthuses Sherry of Salt Lake City. "I have two children in daycare, and as we all know many bugs float around. I was told to give Colostrum to my children the minute they started to sniffle. I could not believe the difference," ads Kyra, also of Salt Lake City. "My kids are the only ones that have not had on single thing-not the flu, colds, coughs or RSV, nothing. Whereas before, it was a steady stream of doctor visits. Thank you for my kids health, and thank you for my own vitality. Because of my kids, I now take Colostrum everyday, and wow, the energy!"

Introducing readers to the wonders of Colostrum, an incredible healing food that gives an amazing boost to the body's immune system, as well as helps repair much of the damage caused by both diseases and aging, is the book: Colostrum" Mother Nature's healthy alternative for every generation! Written by Dr. Lance S. Wright and Anthony Kleinsmith.

Colostrum is actually a non-milk substance secreted by the mammary gland of all female mammals during the later months of pregnancy. This secretion increases dramatically just before the mother gives birth, and then stops at birth, either it is used by the baby or reabsorbed by the mother, at which time, regular breast milk begins to be secreted. Thus, the first real meal of most babies is the perfect combination of all the necessary immune and growth factors. In fact, these components are not naturally found anywhere else in such high concentrations. Besides jump-starting the baby's immune system, and stimulating growth, colostrums also promotes very rapid healing. All in all, it is estimated that the ingredients in colostrums work to activate at least fifty different physical processes in the newborn body, all of which are vital to health and growth.

Medical research has now shown that the most important immune and growth factors for human adults and children can be provided from bovine colostrums. Available in capsule form, it is easily taken with water or juice. It's that simple! And most importantly, because it is a food, not a drug, Colostrum is safe, non-toxic, and can be consumed without any significant side effects. Robert Preston, N.D., of the International Institute of Nutritional Research states, "Bovine colostrum is safe … It is so harmless, it has been prepared by Nature as the first food for infants, intended as their total diet for the first 24 hours [of life]."

Those who have taken Colostrum report an increase in overall sense of well being, as well as: enhanced sexual performance; decrease in body fat without dieting; firmer skin tone and texture; improved immune functions, thus giving increased protection against cardiovascular disease, strokes, Alzheimer's disease, HIV & AIDS, cancer, and other common illnesses; strengthened memory; diminished wrinkles; intensified men's hair growth; higher energy levels; increased muscle strength & mass; expanded exercise tolerance & lengthened endurance; mood elevation; quicker healing capacity & renewed healing of old injuries; and increased back flexibility.

DescriptionSuggested Retail PriceOur Price SKU
Bricker Labs - Mega-Colostabs 1000Mg 60 Tab $17.99 $11.81Save 34% 42239-35060
Child Life Essentials - Child Colostrum Plus Powder 50 GM $23.99 $15.81Save 34% CLE-10600
DeeCee Labs - Colostrum Immufend - 60 Caps $36.00 $32.40Save 10% DCL-234_60
Good N Natural - Colostrum 650 mg - 60 Capsule $22.75 $11.37Save 50% GNN-0080
KAL - Childrens - Dino Colostrum Chocolate 300mg - 60ct Chew $11.89 $6.19Save 48% KAL-56500
KAL - Colostrum 1000mg - 60ct Tab $32.19 $16.75Save 48% KAL-55900
KAL - Colostrum 30% IgG 1g - 120ct Cap $38.29 $19.92Save 48% KAL-55911
KAL - Colostrum Caps 500mg - 120ct Cap $34.09 $17.73Save 48% KAL-55910
KAL - Colostrum Chewable Chocolate Chocolate 500mg - 120ct Chew $35.59 $18.51Save 48% KAL-55907
KAL - Colostrum Chewable Strawberry Kiwi Strawberry/Kiwi 500mg - 120ct Chew $32.69 $17.00Save 48% KAL-55909
KAL - Colostrum Chewable Vanilla Cream Vanilla 500mg - 120ct Chew $32.49 $16.90Save 48% KAL-55906
KAL - Colostrum Lactoferrin 1g/200mg - 60ct Cap $49.49 $25.74Save 48% KAL-55904
KAL - Colostrum Powder Unflavored 2.5g - 100g Powder $35.89 $22.31Save 38% KAL-55903
Now - Colostrum 500Mg 120 Caps $23.99 $11.99Save 50% NW-3216
Now - Colostrum Powder Pure 3 Oz $23.99 $11.99Save 50% NW-3214
Now - Super Colostrum 500Mg 90 Vcaps $23.99 $11.99Save 50% NW-3232
Pure Encapsulations - Colostrum 40% IgG - 180 vcaps $56.10 $56.10 PE-COL41
Pure Encapsulations - Colostrum 40% IgG - 90 vcaps $32.10 $32.10 PE-COL49
Source Naturals - Colostrum 650 mg - 30 tabs $11.98 $5.91Save 51% SN-01171-N
Symbiotics - Colostrum Chewables - Pineapple - 120 Chewables $24.99 $16.45Save 34% SY-01008
Symbiotics - Colostrum Chewables - Cherry - 120 Chewables $24.99 $15.50Save 38% SY-01013
Symbiotics - Colostrum Chewables - Orange Cream - 120 Chewables $24.99 $15.50Save 38% SY-01015
Symbiotics - Colostrum Plus 120 Caps $29.99 $18.62Save 38% SY-04003
Symbiotics - Colostrum Plus 240 Caps $49.99 $31.04Save 38% SY-04018
Symbiotics - Colostrum Plus 60 Caps $14.99 $9.30Save 38% SY-04011
Symbiotics - Colostrum Plus Candida Formula 120 Caps $29.99 $18.62Save 38% SY-04002
Symbiotics - Colostrum Plus Kosher 120 Caps $29.99 $18.62Save 38% SY-04009
Symbiotics - Colostrum Plus Lactoferrin-Colostrum 120 Caps $34.99 $21.73Save 38% SY-04005
Symbiotics - High-IG Colostrum 120 Caps $34.99 $21.73Save 38% SY-01006
Symbiotics - Immune Formula with Colostrum Plus 120 Caps $39.99 $26.29Save 34% SY-04007
Symbiotics - New Life Colostrum Plus - 21oz powder $99.99 $65.75Save 34% SY-04022
Symbiotics - New Life Colostrum Plus - 2.25 oz Powder $29.99 $18.62Save 38% SY-04004

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