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Coral Calcium

Save 48% Good N Natural - Coral Calcium Plus 1000 mg (Vit.D & Magnesium)   - 60 Capsule
Good N Natural - Coral Calcium Plus 1000 mg (Vit.D & Magnesium) - 60 Capsule

Save 45% Natures Way - Coral Calcium 90vcap
Natures Way - Coral Calcium 90vcap

Save 49% Now - Coral Calcium 1000Mg 100 Vcaps
Now - Coral Calcium 1000Mg 100 Vcaps

Save 48% Solaray - Coral Calcium 250mg - 120ct Cap
Solaray - Coral Calcium 250mg - 120ct Cap

Coral Calcium

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Calcium lactate and calcium phosphate are like plaster, while calcium carbonate is like chalk. Why do we say that? Because only 5% of the calcium is absorbable in 20 hours. Good plant fertilizer, but not the best for human bodies. In most 1,000mg calcium capsules found in health stores today, 600 mg is carbonate, which is absolutely unusable, and the rest is unusable except for about 40 mg. That is why people who take "calcium" are still sick. The form of calcium they are taking is unacceptable and provides very little benefit. Coral calcium is ionized when taken, contains 70 other trace minerals plus magnesium, is bio-available and 100% absorbable in 20 minutes. You need a calcium supplement that your body can absorb 100% of, and coral calcium is the answer.

The benefits of Coral Calcium include the following:

-Coral calcium restores your alkalinity and builds your immune system so you can help your body to regenerate good health.
-Provides essential calcium to help maintain bone integrity and health.
-Coral calcium doesn't cure disease, it simply helps regulate pH levels, which helps maintain good health.
-Supports mineral levels in the body, especially with regard to natural hormonal fluctuations.
-Helps the body detoxify and cleanse itself and helps to protect your body from free radical damage.
-Contains trace minerals similar to the human skeleton.
-Coral calcium is bio-available, which means you can't take too much. What your body doesn't need it expels.
-Breaks down heavy metals and drug residues in your body.
-Neutralizes harmful acids that can lead to disease.

Coral calcium comes from the Sango Reefs around Okinawa, Japan. We do not disturb the delicate reef environment, but instead only harvest coral that has broken off from the natural action of the tides and waves and falls to the ocean bottom. Once there, these sand-like granules are saturated with the ocean's valuable, naturally occurring minerals. These granules are then carefully mined (by vacuuming them up from the ocean bottom), pulverized and processed into capsules. These delicate mining techniques are supported by the Japanese government and actually promote faster growth of the coral reef.

The Sango Coral Reefs are unique. Nothing else like them is found anywhere else in the world. Of the 2,500 species of coral, Sango Reef coral is the only coral with unique life-giving benefits. Scientific analysis of this particular coral has shown that it is composed of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, essential marine trace minerals and many other microscopic elements essential to human life. Sango Reef coral contains the perfect biological 2:1 calcium/magnesium ratio in its natural state. No additional calcium or magnesium are added to meet this ratio. The composition of the Sango Coral is similar to that of the human skeleton and is widely used for bone grafts throughout the world.

Coral Calcium has a natural pH range of 10-11 and has an alkalizing effect on the body, which can be of great support to those who need to offset acidity levels. The pH range is from 0-14, with 7.0 being neutral. Anything above 7.0 is alkaline, anything below 7.0 is considered acidic. Body acidity is quickly becoming a focus of research in the prevention of many illnesses that result from an increased acidity within the body. Scientists have found that healthy people have systems that are alkaline. In fact, it's felt that a pH imbalance can negatively affect the physical health of almost all body systems and lead to diseases including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, kidney stones and many more. Because the modern diet is so high in acid-forming foods, most people are exposed to heightened levels of acid on a daily basis. Coral calcium doesn't cure disease. It simply keeps the pH level of our body fluids in sync so the body fights disease naturally and effectively.

DescriptionSuggested Retail PriceOur Price SKU
DeeCee Labs - Coral Calcium - 180 Caps $66.00 $59.40Save 10% DCL-723_180
DeeCee Labs - Coral Calcium - 90 Caps $34.50 $30.95Save 10% DCL-723_90
Dynamic Health Labs - Coral Calcium Complex Liquid - 32 OZ $17.99 $11.25Save 37% 90223-10050
Good N Natural - Coral Calcium 1000 mg - 60 Capsule $14.25 $7.44Save 48% GNN-2825
Good N Natural - Coral Calcium Plus 1000 mg (Vit.D & Magnesium) - 60 Capsule $15.50 $8.10Save 48% GNN-2985
KAL - Coral Cal Mag + 600mg/300mg - 90ct Tab $29.39 $15.29Save 48% KAL-83330
KAL - Coral Calcium 1000mg - 60ct Tab $28.69 $14.93Save 48% KAL-83320
KAL - Coral Calcium Powder Unflavored 1000mg - 8oz Powder $34.19 $21.27Save 38% KAL-83310
Natures Answer - Coral Calcium Supreme - 90SG $28.99 $12.40Save 57% NA-16468
Natures Way - Coral Calcium 180vcap $30.99 $16.99Save 45% NWAY-15232
Natures Way - Coral Calcium 90vcap $16.99 $9.32Save 45% NWAY-15231
Now - Coral Calcium 1000Mg 250 Vcaps $33.99 $16.99Save 50% NW-1279
Now - Coral Calcium 1000Mg 100 Vcaps $15.99 $8.21Save 49% NW-1273
Now - Coral Calcium Plus Mag 250 Vcaps $33.99 $16.99Save 50% NW-1281
Now - Coral Calcium Plus Mag 100 Vcaps $15.99 $8.21Save 49% NW-1276
Now - Coral Calcium Pure Powder 6 Oz $15.99 $8.21Save 49% NW-1274
Olympian Labs - Coral Calcium 1g per Serving - 90 caps $24.19 $13.36Save 45% OL-370
Olympian Labs - Sea Nourishment Liquid Vitamin Supplement - 32 oz $27.99 $15.47Save 45% OL-3011
Solaray - Coral Calcium 250mg - 120ct Cap $29.29 $15.23Save 48% SLRY-45811
Trace Minerals - Coral Calcium with ConcenTrace - 60 caps $30.49 $18.72Save 39% TM-00050

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