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Dental Hygiene
Up to 39% off MSRP
Xyliwhite Toothpaste
MSRP:  $5.49
Our Price:  $3.57  35% off MSRP
Xyliwhite Toothpaste Baking Soda
MSRP:  $5.49
Our Price:  $3.57  35% off MSRP
  DescriptionManufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Our Price SKU
Auromere - Ayurvedic Herbal Neem & Peelu Toothpaste Fresh Mint - 4.16oz$8.29$6.4322% off MSRP27275-20004
Auromere - Ayurvedic Toothpaste SLS Free Cardamom 4.16 Oz$7.99$5.6829% off MSRP27275-20005
Auromere - Herbal Toothpaste Ayurvedic Formula Mint-Free 4.16 OZ$7.99$6.1223% off MSRP27275-20003
Child Life Essentials - Toothpaste Tablets 60 TAB$6.49$5.1920% off MSRPCLE-11150
Christopher's - Nourish Herbal Tooth Powder - 2 oz$21.99$14.1136% off MSRPCHO-89318
Desert Essence - Natural Neem Mouthwash Cinnamint - 16floz$8.49$6.0529% off MSRPDE-33435
Desert Essence - Natural Neem Toothpaste Cinnamint - 6.25oz$6.99$5.5421% off MSRPDE-33410
Desert Essence - Neem Cinnamint Dental Floss 50 Yards - 1 Each$4.29$3.6714% off MSRP18334-33417
Desert Essence - Neem Cinnamint Toothpicks 55pc - 1 Box$3.50$3.5018334-33422
Desert Essence - Tea Tree Oil Mega Mint Toothpicks 55pc - 1 Box$3.49$3.4918334-33424
Desert Essence - Tea Tree Toothpaste Fennel - 6.25oz$6.99$5.4322% off MSRPDE-22081
Desert Essence - Toothpaste Tea Tree Whitening + Mint 6.25 Oz$6.99$5.4322% off MSRP18334-33413
Desert Essence - Toothpaste Ultra Care Tea Tree Mega Mint 6.25 Oz$6.99$5.1127% off MSRP18334-33414
EO - Eo Refresh Breath Spray Organic 0.33floz$2.99$2.5415% off MSRP36874-21000
Flora - New Zealand Manuka & Propolis Toothpaste - 3.5oz$11.99$9.8518% off MSRP95015-00146
Heritage Store - Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Mint - 5.1 oz Gel$8.99$7.0122% off MSRP76970-13963
Heritage Store - Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash Menthol White 16oz Liquid$10.59$8.1723% off MSRP76970-70648
Heritage Store - Ipsab Tooth Powder Cinnamon 3 Bottles/4oz$25.17$19.5522% off MSRP76970-95609
Heritage Store - Ipsab Toothpaste Mint 3 Cartons/4.23oz$25.77$19.9822% off MSRP76970-99437
Heritage Store - Ipsab Toothpowder Powder Mint 3 Bottles/ 4oz$26.37$20.4822% off MSRP76970-27432
Heritage Store - Toothpaste Ipsab Mint 4.23oz Paste$8.59$5.2639% off MSRP76970-93058
Heritage Store - Toothpowder Ipsab Cinnamon 4oz Pwd$8.39$5.2038% off MSRP76970-07006
Heritage Store - Toothpowder Ipsab Mint 4oz Pwd$8.79$5.4238% off MSRP76970-55436
Himalaya Herbal - Botanique - Complete Care Simply Cinnamon Toothpaste - 5.29oz$5.99$4.1830% off MSRP05069-20026
Himalaya Herbal - Botanique - Complete Care Simply Mint Toothpaste - 5.29oz$5.99$4.1830% off MSRP05069-20024
Himalaya Herbal - Botanique - Complete Care Simply Peppermint Toothpaste - 5.29oz$5.99$4.1830% off MSRP05069-20025
Himalaya Herbal - Botanique - Complete Care Simply Spearmint Toothpaste - 5.29oz$5.99$4.1830% off MSRP05069-20027
Himalaya Herbal - Botanique - Whitening Complete Care Simply Mint Toothpaste - 5.29oz$5.99$4.1830% off MSRP05069-20028
Himalaya Herbal - Botanique - Whitening Complete Care Simply Peppermint Toothpaste - 5.29oz$5.99$4.1830% off MSRP05069-20029
Jarrow - Jarro-Dophilus Oral Probiotic 1 Billion Green Apple - 30 Loz  Free Shipping $29.95$20.9730% off MSRP90011-03049
Jarrow - Jarro-Dophilus Oral Probiotic 1 Billion Peppermint - 30 Lozenges  Free Shipping $29.95$20.9730% off MSRP90011-03044
Jason Natural - Mouthwash Sea Fresh - Sea Spearmint - 16 fl oz$10.62$8.5420% off MSRPJAS-01555
Jason Natural - Sea Fresh Strengthening Toothpaste Fluoride-Free Paste - 6oz$5.31$4.3019% off MSRPJAS-01510
Kiss My Face - Enamel Xtra Gel Toothpaste - 4.5oz$5.99$4.3727% off MSRP28367-84429
Life Extension - Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes 60 Capsules$22.00$16.5025% off MSRP37870-20216
Life Extension - Florassist Throat Health 30 Lozenges$20.00$15.0025% off MSRP37870-19203
Nature's Plus - Adults Dental Care Probiotics Lozenge 60$28.85$24.5215% off MSRP97467-04383
Natures Answer - Periobrite Natural Toothpaste W/CoQ10 Wintermint - 4oz$6.99$4.5435% off MSRP83000-01645
Natures Answer - Periowash Mouthwash - Cinna mint - 16oz$10.99$7.1435% off MSRPNA-01657
Natures Answer - Periowash Mouthwash - Winter Mint - 16oz$10.99$7.1435% off MSRPNA-01656
North American Herb And Spice - Oregacare Oral Clenz 8 Fz$9.99$8.4915% off MSRP35824-00604
North American Herb And Spice - Oregadent 1 Fz$39.99$33.9915% off MSRP35824-00242
Now - Xyliwhite Kid's Toothpaste Bubble Gum-3oz Tube$3.99$2.7930% off MSRP33739-08088
Now - Xyliwhite Kid's Toothpaste Orange-3oz Tube$3.99$2.7930% off MSRP33739-08089
Now - Xyliwhite Toothpaste$5.49$3.5735% off MSRPNW-8090
Now - Xyliwhite Toothpaste$5.49$3.5735% off MSRPNW-8090
Now - Xyliwhite Toothpaste Baking Soda$5.49$3.5735% off MSRPNW-8091
Now - Xyliwhite Toothpaste Baking Soda$5.49$3.5735% off MSRPNW-8091
Organix South - Tea Tree Remedies Tea Tree Toothpaste - 5.1floz$8.29$5.2836% off MSRP66183-25983
Planetary Herbals - Triphala Mouthwash - 16 oz. Liquid$19.98$13.9930% off MSRP21078-10771
Redmond - Earthpaste Natural Toothpaste Cinnamon 4 Oz$6.99$5.5321% off MSRP18788-10524
Redmond - Earthpaste Spearmint Toothapste - 4oz$6.99$6.1412% off MSRP18788-10570
Secure - Denture Adhesvive Sensitive Zinc-Free 1.4 Oz$11.69$7.9732% off MSRP64031-30020
Secure - Denture Cleanser 32 Tab$8.39$5.6832% off MSRP64031-30016
Simplers Botanicals - Breath Essence Fresh Mint - 15ml$9.89$9.643% off MSRP17626-18666
Simplers Botanicals - Breath Essence Orange Chai - 15 ml$9.89$7.8720% off MSRP17626-28899
Spry - RAIN Dry Mouth Spray w/ Xylitol - 4.5 fl oz$14.99$11.5823% off MSRPSPRY-00055
Theraneem - Kids Neem Toothpaste Tropical Blast - 4.23oz$8.09$5.2136% off MSRP66183-96670
Tom's of Maine - Fluoride Free Toddler Training Toothpaste Mild Fruit Gel 1.75 OZ$4.19$3.907% off MSRP77326-83377
Tom's of Maine - Mouthwash Wicked Fresh! - Cool Mountain Mint - 16 FL OZ$6.99$5.2625% off MSRP73264-60160
Tom's of Maine - Toothpaste Antiplaque & Whitening Fluoride-Free Fennel - 5.5 oz$8.35$6.8518% off MSRP73268-30758
Tom's of Maine - Toothpaste Spearmint Gel AntiPlaque & Whitening Flouride-Free - 4.7 OZ$8.33$7.2713% off MSRP73268-31083
Tom's of Maine - Toothpaste Whole Care Peppermint with Fluoride - 4.7 OZ$8.33$6.5521% off MSRP73268-30819
Tom's of Maine - Toothpaste Wicked Cool Fluoride Toothpaste Mild Mint 4.2 Oz$4.19$4.005% off MSRP77326-83262
Trace Minerals - ConcenTrace Mineral Mouth Rinse 16 oz$11.85$8.8925% off MSRPTM-00286
Weleda - Toothpaste - Calendula Toothpaste Peppermint Free - 2.5oz$9.45$7.2923% off MSRPWEL-98014
Weleda - Toothpaste - Ratanhia - 3.3 OZ$9.45$7.2923% off MSRPWEL-98083
Xlear - Baby Banana Brush w/Strawberry Banana Tooth Gel$14.99$10.1033% off MSRP00596-00074
Xlear - Spry Toothpaste Sugar-Free No Fluoride - Peppermint - 4.0 oz$5.99$5.508% off MSRPXL-00050
Xylivita - Toothbrush Extra Soft Sky Blue - 1ct$4.19$3.6712% off MSRP66183-14694
Xylivita - Toothbrush Medium Acai Purple - 1ct$4.19$3.6712% off MSRP66183-65419
Xylivita - Toothbrush Medium Frosted White - 1ct$4.19$3.6712% off MSRP66183-87727
Xylivita - Toothbrush Medium Key Lime Green - 1ct$4.19$3.6712% off MSRP66183-54784
Xylivita - Toothbrush Medium Key Lime Green - 6ct$25.14$22.0512% off MSRP66183-31940
Xylivita - Toothbrush Soft Acai Purple - 1ct$4.19$3.6712% off MSRP66183-74174
Xylivita - Toothbrush Soft Frosted White - 1ct$4.19$3.6712% off MSRP66183-26857
Xylivita - Toothbrush Soft Key Lime Green - 1ct$4.19$3.6712% off MSRP66183-82500
Xylivita - Xylitol Multicare Whitening Toothpaste Acai Fluoride-Free - 3.4oz$6.29$5.5112% off MSRP66183-68976
Xylivita - Xylitol Multicare Whitening Toothpaste Key Lime Fluoride-Free - 3.4oz$6.29$5.5112% off MSRP66183-26389
Xylivita - Xylitol Multicare Whitening Toothpaste Pomegranate Fluoride-Free - 3.4oz$6.29$5.5112% off MSRP66183-76482
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