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Numedica Comparisons

Please Refer To The Chart Below For The NuMedica Products Which Closely Match Specific Xymogen Products.
5HTP NuMedica 5-HTP - Has the same ingredients
ActivEssentials NuMedica Foundation Essentials for Men - Each packet contains: 2 MultiMedica for Men, 1 CoQ-Clear, 1 Omega 600 USP
ActiveEssential For Women NuMedica Foundation Essentials for Women - Each packet Contains: 2 MultiMedica for Women, 1 CoQ-Clear, 1 Omega 600 USP, 1 OsteoMedica
ActivEssentials with Calcium NuMedica Foundation Essentials without Iron (+calcium) - Each packet contains: 2 MultiMedica without iron, 1 CoQ-Clear, 1 Omega 600 USP, 1 OsteoMedica
ActivNutrients NuMedica MultiMedica / Women - Is a Multi designed for women.
ActivNutrients w/o iron NuMedica MultiMedica / Men - Is a Multi designed for Men.
Adrenal Essence NuMedica AdrenaMed - Has 25mg more of B6
AppeCurb Numedica AppeCurb
B-Activ NuMedica B-Replete
Bio C 1:1 NuMedica C-Bioflav - Has 50% bioflavonoids instead of 40% in Bio C 1:1
BORAGE CP-240 NuMedica Borage GLA 240-CP
Carnitex NuMedica Acetyl L- Carnitine - NuMedica's Acetyl is better a form than Tartarate and 160 mg more per cap.
CheleX NuMedica ChelaClear - Has 100mg more ALA per serving.
Cholerx NuMedica Cholestinal - Has the same identical with Albion TRAACS.
CINNDROMX NuMedica CINNergy - Has 50 more mg CinulinPF, 300 mg Fenugreek,added Mag and Zinc, and Gold Medallion Albion Product
COD PURE PLUS NuMedica Cod Liver Oil
CONJULEAN 1000 NuMedica CLA Trim 1000 - Has the exact same proprietary CLA
CoQMaxCF NuMedica CoQ-Clear - Has the same Ingredients, Crystal-Free CoQ10-Highest Absorption and Bioavailability
CORTICARE B NuMedica Corti-B Plex
D3-2000 NuMedica D3-2000 - Is soy free and In Olive oil not soybean oil.
D3-5000 NuMedica D3-5000 - Is soy free and In rice bran oil
DHEA Plus Cream NuMedica DHEA Has 25mg of DHEA per cap
DIMENSION 3 NuMedica DIM Estro - Has 100 mg more curcumin
DJD Factors NuMedica Joint Replete - Uses ETArol perna, 100mg Avacado ASU
FitFood Chocolate NuMedica SlimFit Chocolate - Has 26g protein vs 21g, 21g carbs vs 29g, 10g sugar vs 14g compared to Xymogen
FitFood Vanilla NuMedica SlimFit Vanilla - Has 26g protein vs 21g, 14g carbs vs 30g, 5g sugar vs. 14g compared to Xymogen
GASTRACID (X) NuMedica Pepcigen - Has the same ingredients
GlutAloeMine NuMedica GlutaMed Rx - Has 500 mg more glutamine and it is much better tasting
ImmunotiX 3-6 NuMedica ImmunoMed 3-6 Has 200 mg more Beta Glucan Powder
I-Sight NuMedica NuVision - Has 100mg turmeric added
Joint Rx NuMedica Joint Tri-Basic - Has the same ingredients
Lacidofil NuMedica TriFlora - Has 3 plus strains of Saccharomyces boulardii added instead of 2 in Lacidofil
LIPOTROPIX NuMedica Lipid Factors - Has the same ingredients
Liquid D3 NuMedica Micellized D3 Liquid - Is a true micellized D3 and it is 600 iu per drop
Liver Protect NuMedica Liver Defend - Has 50mg more NAC and 100mg more Selenium
L-Theanine NuMedica L-Theanine - Has the same Sun Theanine Trademark product
Magnesium Citrate NuMedica Magnesium Citrate - It is double strength
MEDCAPS IS NuMedica Gluco Response
MEDCAPS T3 NuMedicaThyroMedica - Has added 25mg Potassium Gluconate, added 30 mg Vit C, added 3mg Riboflavin, added 17mg Inositol Hexinicianate, added 5mg B6(P5P), added 25mg Magnesium, and added 500mg Tyrosine
Melatonin NuMedica Melatonin - Is 3mg peppermint lozenge with added B6 3mg
MEMORALL NuMedica Reminisce
Methycobalamin NuMedica Methyl B12 Rx
Methyl Protect NuMedica Methyl-Plex B - Has 15mg more B6, 800mcg less Folate (maximum safe FDA Level)
MIN RX NuMedica MineralPlex - Is Albion Gold Medal Certified, Removed the copper, Lithium Aspertate not Oratate, and added C & D
MoodFood NuMedica Neuro Harmony - Has 25% more B6 (P5P)
NAC NuMedica NAC - Has the same ingredients
NATTOKINASE NuMedica Nattokinase - Has the exact same trademarked ingredient
NiaVasc NuMedica NiacinSR
OMEGA PURE 300 NuMedica Omega300 - Has the same EPA/DHA plus 100 mg other Omega 3s
OMEGA PURE 600 EC NuMedica Omega600 - Has the same EPA/DHA plus 100 mg other Omega 3s
OmegaPure780 EC NuMedica Omega 780 - Is USP Verified and with a pleasant vanilla enteric coating
OmegaPure EFA NuMedica Omega EFA Complex - Is the same product
OncoPlex Numedica BrocColinate - Has 60 mg Sulforaphane Glucosinolate per capsule, plus 6 mg other glucosinolates and it is double strength
OptiCleanse GHI NuMedica Pro InflaMed - Is the same formulation
OptiCleanse Plus NuNedica Pro-ToxiClear - Is the same formulation
OPTIFIBERSCFA NuMedica FiberFactors - Is the same formulation
OPTIMAG 125 NuMedica Mag-Plex Ultra - Has the same Albion Product
OSSOPAN MD NuMedica OsteoMedica - Has the same ingredients
PANXYME NuMedica Pan-V Rx - Has plant Based Like PanXyme and a broader spectrum of plant based enzymes
Phosphaline NuMedica Phosphalife PPC - Has the same ingredients
Probio Defense NuMedica TriFlora Plus - The same strains as Probio Def with added Saccharomyces Boulardii
PROSTATE FLO NuMedica ProstaCalm - The same basic formula plus 100mg Glycine, 100mg L-Alanine, 100mg L-Glutamic Acid, 50mg, and Korean Ginseng
Red Yeast Rice NuMedica Red Yeast Rice - Has the same ingredients
SACCHAROMYCIN DF NuMedica SacBoulardii DF - Has the exact same product from Inst. Rosell
Saloxicin NuMedica Salicin-B - Has the same ingredients
Sedalin NuMedica SedaCalm REM - Has same proprietary ingredient Seditol
SELECT E-400 NuMedica E-400 Select - Has same ingredients
SERENX NuMedica Sereni-T Rx
UriTrax NuMedica UTI Soothe - Has the same product and it is also in 500mg Caps
Viragraphis NuMedica Immunographis - Has 25mg more Andrographis and 10mg more licorice
XCELLENT C NuMedica C-750 Plus - Has same product with less Bioperine
XCELLENT E NuMedica Elite E Complex - Has the same ingredients
Zinc Glycinate NuMedica Zinc Glycinate - Has the same Albion product

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