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Tea Tree Oil
Up to 38% off MSRP
Tea Tree Oil - 1 Oz
MSRP:  $8.99
Our Price:  $5.54  38% off MSRP
  DescriptionManufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Our Price SKU
Alba Botanica - Deodorant Stick Tea Tree - 2 oz$7.44$5.6824% off MSRPALB-00612
Avalon - Condtioner Tea Tree Treatment 11 OZ$11.70$8.2030% off MSRPAV-35167
Avalon - Shampoo Tea Tree Mint Treatment 14 OZ$12.77$9.8623% off MSRPAV-36105
Avalon - Shampoo Tea Tree Treatment 11 OZ$11.70$10.0414% off MSRPAV-35117
Derma e - Itch Relief Lotion-6oz$14.99$11.9920% off MSRPDER-09500
Derma e - Tea Tree & E Oil-1floz$14.99$11.9920% off MSRPDER-09100
Desert Essence - Blemish Touch Stick - .31 Fl. oz$9.99$6.8132% off MSRPDE-22069
Desert Essence - Cleansing Bar Soap Tea Tree Therapy - 5 oz$4.99$3.5030% off MSRPDE-22060
Desert Essence - Cleansing Pads Tea Tree - 50 Pads$7.99$5.4532% off MSRPDE-22040
Desert Essence - Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil - .5 oz$8.99$6.5128% off MSRPDE-22006
Desert Essence - Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil - 1 oz$13.99$10.1428% off MSRPDE-22200
Desert Essence - Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil - 2 oz$21.99$14.4534% off MSRPDE-22064
Desert Essence - Kinder To Skin Tea Tree Oil - 4 oz$9.99$7.2527% off MSRPDE-25200
Desert Essence - Ointment Tea Tree Oil - 1 oz$7.99$5.7928% off MSRPDE-00003
Desert Essence - Relief Spray with Eco Harvest Tea Tree Oil - 4 oz$6.59$4.6330% off MSRPDE-22114
Desert Essence - Soap Liquid Tea Tree Castile - 32 oz$17.99$13.0627% off MSRPDE-22112
Desert Essence - Soap Liquid Tea Tree Castile - 8 oz$7.39$5.2030% off MSRPDE-22020
Desert Essence - Tea Tree & Lavender Oil - .6 oz$13.09$9.8924% off MSRPDE-00007
Desert Essence - Tea Tree Oil - .5 oz$9.99$7.2428% off MSRPDE-30031
Desert Essence - Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure - .5 oz$7.99$6.0524% off MSRPDE-00002
Desert Essence - Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure - 1 oz$11.99$9.4321% off MSRPDE-00001
Desert Essence - Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure - 2 oz$19.99$14.4928% off MSRPDE-22027
Desert Essence - Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash - 16 oz$8.59$6.6323% off MSRPDE-22113
Desert Essence - Tea Tree Toothpaste Fennel - 6.25oz$6.99$5.3024% off MSRPDE-22081
Giovanni - Conditioner Tea Tree Triple Treat - 8.5 oz$8.89$6.6525% off MSRPGIO-15008
Giovanni - Shampoo Tea Tree Triple Treat - 8.5 oz$8.89$6.6525% off MSRPGIO-13008
Jason Natural - Conditioner Tea Tree Oil Therapy - 8 fl oz$11.19$7.9329% off MSRPJAS-00080
Jason Natural - Deodorant Purifying Tea Tree Deodorant Stick - 2.5 oz$6.35$4.9023% off MSRPJAS-09045
Jason Natural - Hand Soap Purifying Tea Tree Oil w/Pump - 16 fl oz$10.13$7.8223% off MSRPJAS-03017
Jason Natural - Normalizing Tea Tree Treatment Shampoo - 17.5floz$11.17$8.6323% off MSRPJAS-00078
Jason Natural - Organic Tea Tree Oil - 1 fl oz$15.49$10.9829% off MSRPJAS-03013
Jason Natural - Satin Body Wash Tea Tree - 30 fl oz$13.81$10.6623% off MSRPJAS-03027
Jason Natural - Tea Tree Gel Tube - 4 oz$5.39$3.8029% off MSRPJAS-04020
Jason Natural - Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure - 1 fl oz$13.79$10.6523% off MSRPJAS-03011
Jason Natural - Tea Tree Oil Nail Saver - .5 oz$9.57$7.3923% off MSRPJAS-03032
KAL - Tea Tree Oil - 0.5oz Liquid$10.19$6.3538% off MSRPKAL-10704
Nature's Plus - Meditree Kakadu Plum Creamy Face Cleanser - 3.5oz$16.90$14.3715% off MSRPNP-00395
Nature's Plus - Meditree Kakadu Plum Face Cream - 1.8oz$16.90$14.3715% off MSRPNP-00388
Nature's Plus - Meditree Kakadu Plum Face Serum - 1oz$34.95$29.7115% off MSRPNP-00382
Nature's Plus - Meditree Tea Tree Cleansing Scrub & Mask - 1.8oz$16.50$14.0315% off MSRPNP-00389
Nature's Plus - Meditree Tea Tree Facial Cleanser - 8.5floz$14.90$12.6615% off MSRPNP-00394
Natures Answer - Essential Oil Organic Tea Tree & Spearmint .5 Oz$14.99$9.7435% off MSRP83000-26697
Natures Gate - Organic Liquid Soap Tea Tree & Blue Cypress - 12 fl oz$8.02$5.2734% off MSRPNG-75015
Natures Gate - Rainwater Conditioner Tea Tree Oil - 18 fl oz$8.61$6.6523% off MSRPNG-02306
Natures Gate - Skin Therapy Lotion Tea Tree - 18 fl oz$10.89$7.7629% off MSRPNG-04177
Now - Lavender & Tea Tree Oil 1 Oz$9.99$6.1538% off MSRPNW-7728
Now - Organic Tea Tree Oil 1 Oz$12.99$8.0038% off MSRPNW-7470
Now - Tea Tree Oil 16 Oz$74.99$50.3633% off MSRPNW-7628
Now - Tea Tree Oil 4 Oz$26.99$16.6338% off MSRPNW-7626
Now - Tea Tree Oil - 1 Oz$8.99$5.5438% off MSRPNW-7625
Now - Tea Tree Oil - 1 Oz$8.99$5.5438% off MSRPNW-7625
Organix South - Tea Tree Remedies Nail Oil - 0.5floz$8.29$5.3136% off MSRP66183-47130
Organix South - Tea Tree Remedies Tea Tree Oil - 1floz$12.59$8.0636% off MSRP66183-93409
Organix South - Tea Tree Remedies Tea Tree Toothpaste - 5.1floz$8.29$5.2836% off MSRP66183-25983
SunFeather - Soap - Tea Tree & Lavender Hemp Soap Natural 4.3oz Bar$5.99$3.7038% off MSRPSFEA-65905
Tea Tree Therapy - ANTISEPTIC OINTMNT 2OZ$10.99$7.4832% off MSRPTT-70050
Tea Tree Therapy - Antiseptic Solution w/Tea Tree Oil & Lavender - 4 OZ$6.99$4.7732% off MSRPTT-80120
Tea Tree Therapy - CONDITION TEA TREE16OZ$10.19$6.8533% off MSRPTT-30480
Tea Tree Therapy - EUCALYPTUS CHST RUB 2OZ$11.45$7.8232% off MSRPTT-80050
Tea Tree Therapy - EUCALYPTUS SOAP 3.5OZ$3.95$2.7231% off MSRPTT-60300
Tea Tree Therapy - Liquid Hand Soap Tea Tree - 8 floz$6.49$4.4432% off MSRPTT-60360
Tea Tree Therapy - MOUTHWASH TEA TREE 12OZ$6.99$4.7732% off MSRPTT-50360
Tea Tree Therapy - SHAMPOO TEA TREE 16OZ$10.19$6.8533% off MSRPTT-20480
Tea Tree Therapy - SOAP VEG BASED 3.5OZ$3.99$2.9726% off MSRPTT-60100
Tea Tree Therapy - SUPPOSITORY TEA TREE 6PK$12.99$9.6126% off MSRPTT-60606
Tea Tree Therapy - TEA TREE OIL PURE 1OZ$11.79$8.7826% off MSRPTT-10030
Tea Tree Therapy - TEA TREE OIL PURE 2OZ$19.59$13.3432% off MSRPTT-10060
Tea Tree Therapy - Tea Tree Oil Pure .5OZ$7.79$5.7426% off MSRPTT-10015
Tea Tree Therapy - TEA TREE OIL WATER SOL 2OZ$10.19$6.8533% off MSRPTT-12260
Tea Tree Therapy - TOOTHPASTE TEA TREE WHITE3OZ$5.55$3.8131% off MSRPTT-50003
Tea Tree Therapy - TOOTHPICKS 100$3.79$2.8026% off MSRPTT-50100
Tea Tree Therapy - TOOTHPICKS,CINNAMON$3.79$2.8026% off MSRPTT-50500
Y.S. Organic Bee Farms - High Strength Propolis & Herbs Throat Spray Plus Tea Tree Oil - 1.0 oz. liq$12.04$9.9517% off MSRPYS-94040
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