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Up to 51% off MSRP
Resveratrol Plus 75mg - 30ct Vcp
MSRP:  $10.79
Our Price:  $5.62  48% off MSRP
  DescriptionManufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Our Price SKU
Thompson - 5 Strain Acidophilus - 60ct Vcp$7.79$4.0648% off MSRP31315-76338
Thompson - 5-HTP 50mg - 30ct Cap$10.59$5.5148% off MSRP31315-19696
Thompson - A & D 10,000iu/400iu - 30ct Sg$2.79$1.4648% off MSRPTPSN-19910
Thompson - A, Retinyl Palmitate 10,000iu - 30ct Sg$3.69$1.9348% off MSRP31315-19024
Thompson - Alfalfa 500mg - 180ct Tab$12.29$6.4048% off MSRPTPSN-19950
Thompson - All-in-One - 60ct Vcp$11.59$6.0448% off MSRP31315-49296
Thompson - All-in-One Iron Free 60ct$11.29$5.8948% off MSRP31315-40494
Thompson - Alpha Lipoic Acid 250mg 60cap$22.79$11.8748% off MSRP31315-19967
Thompson - Appetite Boost - 120ct Tab$17.89$9.3148% off MSRP31315-19477
Thompson - Astragalus 400mg - 60ct Cap$4.39$2.2948% off MSRP31315-19056
Thompson - Astragalus Root 200mg - 60ct Cap$6.19$3.2348% off MSRP31315-19221
Thompson - B 1 100mg - 30ct Tab$2.69$1.4148% off MSRPTPSN-19026
Thompson - B 12 500mcg - 90ct Tab$5.89$3.0748% off MSRPTPSN-19830
Thompson - B Complex 100mg - 30ct Tab$6.59$3.4448% off MSRPTPSN-19515
Thompson - B Complex 100mg - 60ct Tab$11.29$5.8948% off MSRP31315-19517
Thompson - B Complex 50mg - 30ct Cap$3.89$2.0348% off MSRPTPSN-19670
Thompson - B Complex w/C - 60ct Tab$4.59$2.4048% off MSRPTPSN-19990
Thompson - B Complex w/Rice Bran - 60ct Tab$3.79$1.9848% off MSRPTPSN-19525
Thompson - B-12+Folic Acid 1000mcg Cherry 30lzg$3.39$1.7748% off MSRPTPSN-19142
Thompson - B-2 100mg 30cap$3.59$1.8748% off MSRPTPSN-19028
Thompson - B-6 100mg 60tab$4.49$2.3448% off MSRPTPSN-19970
Thompson - B-Complex 50mg 60cap$6.79$3.5448% off MSRPTPSN-19680
Thompson - Barley Grass 500mg - 100ct Tab$8.99$4.8146% off MSRP31315-19170
Thompson - Bee Pollen 580mg - 100ct Cap$6.69$3.4948% off MSRP31315-19162
Thompson - Beta Carotene 25,000iu - 30ct Sg$7.59$3.9648% off MSRPTPSN-19280
Thompson - Betaine HCl w/Pepsin 324mg 90tab$7.19$3.7548% off MSRP31315-19535
Thompson - Biotin 5000mcg - 60ct Vcp$13.49$7.0348% off MSRP31315-19544
Thompson - Biotin 800mcg - 90ct Tab$4.69$2.4548% off MSRPTPSN-19555
Thompson - Black Cohosh Extract 545mg - 60ct Cap$8.29$4.3248% off MSRP31315-19058
Thompson - Black Cohosh Root 540mg - 90ct Cap$8.89$4.6348% off MSRPTPSN-19475
Thompson - Blue Green Algae 500mg - 60ct Tab$26.89$14.0048% off MSRP31315-19030
Thompson - Borage Oil 1000mg - 30ct Sg$11.69$6.0948% off MSRP31315-19040
Thompson - Brain Health - 30 Vcp$16.99$8.8548% off MSRP31315-53379
Thompson - Bromelain 500mg 30cap$9.49$4.9548% off MSRP31315-19616
Thompson - Burdock Root 450mg - 60ct Cap$4.39$2.2948% off MSRPTPSN-19064
Thompson - Butcher's Broom 440mg 60cap$4.49$2.3448% off MSRPTPSN-19066
Thompson - C + Rose Hips & Acerola 1000mg - 30ct Vcp$4.59$2.4048% off MSRP31315-19054
Thompson - C One Gram 1000mg - 30ct Cap$4.49$2.3448% off MSRPTPSN-19730
Thompson - C One Gram 1000mg - 60ct Cap$7.99$4.1648% off MSRPTPSN-19740
Thompson - C Orange 250mg - 100ct Chew$7.79$4.0648% off MSRPTPSN-19645
Thompson - C Orange 500mg - 60ct Chew$6.89$3.6048% off MSRPTPSN-19585
Thompson - C Timed Release 1000mg 30tab$3.99$2.0948% off MSRPTPSN-19625
Thompson - C w/Bioflavonoids 1000mg 60cap$5.89$3.0748% off MSRPTPSN-19365
Thompson - C, Buffered 1000mg - 30ct Tab$5.09$2.6548% off MSRPTPSN-19695
Thompson - C, Buffered 500mg - 60ct Tab$4.89$2.5548% off MSRPTPSN-19860
Thompson - C, Children's Orange 100mg - 100ct Chew$5.99$3.1348% off MSRPTPSN-19655
Thompson - C, Children's w/Acerola Punch 250mg - 90ct Chew$7.49$3.9148% off MSRPTPSN-19565
Thompson - C, High Potency 500mg - 90ct Cap$6.49$3.3848% off MSRPTPSN-19355
Thompson - C-Crystals Buffered Unflavored 3000mg 4oz$8.89$4.6348% off MSRPTPSN-19635
Thompson - C-Powder 5000mg 8oz$8.19$4.2748% off MSRPTPSN-19048
Thompson - Cal Coral 1000mg - 60ct Cap$12.49$6.5148% off MSRP31315-19334
Thompson - Cal Coral Citrus Citrus 350mg - 90ct Chew$12.29$6.4048% off MSRP31315-19332
Thompson - Cal Mag w/Zinc 1000/400/15mg - 90ct Tab$6.29$3.2848% off MSRPTPSN-19665
Thompson - Cal Mag w/Zinc, High Potency 1000/500/25mg - 90ct Tab$6.59$3.4448% off MSRPTPSN-19850
Thompson - Calcium Citrate 250mg 120tab$10.29$5.3648% off MSRPTPSN-19685
Thompson - Calcium Citrate Powder Unflv 1050mg 150g$4.79$2.5048% off MSRP31315-16471
Thompson - Calcium Magnesium w/Zinc 180tab$10.89$5.6748% off MSRPTPSN-19675
Thompson - Calm & Focused for Adults 30 Chewable Tabs$22.09$11.8147% off MSRP31315-31219
Thompson - Calm & Focused For Kids Grape 30ct$9.79$5.1148% off MSRP31315-75826
Thompson - Calm & Relaxed Berry Berry Podwer - 209g$16.09$10.3036% off MSRP31315-22956
Thompson - Calm & Relaxed Lemon Honey 270g$16.89$9.8442% off MSRP31315-39332
Thompson - Calm & Relaxed Nighttime Lemon Honey 300g$15.99$9.4741% off MSRP31315-52408
Thompson - Calm & Relaxed Orange 300g$16.99$10.0941% off MSRP31315-95287
Thompson - Cascara Sagrada 450mg - 60ct Cap$4.49$2.3448% off MSRPTPSN-19068
Thompson - Cat's Claw 540mg - 60ct Cap$5.09$2.6548% off MSRPTPSN-19072
Thompson - Cayenne 515mg - 60ct Cap$4.29$2.2448% off MSRPTPSN-19076
Thompson - Childrens - Teenplex - 60ct Tab$9.49$4.9548% off MSRPTPSN-19245
Thompson - Childrens Multivitamin Punch Flavor - 120ct Chew$12.79$6.6648% off MSRP31315-19135
Thompson - Chromium Picolinate 200mcg - 60ct Tab$4.79$2.5048% off MSRPTPSN-19640
Thompson - Chromium, GTF 200mcg - 60ct Tab$4.69$2.4548% off MSRPTPSN-19152
Thompson - Cinnamon Bark 500mg - 60ct Cap$6.49$3.3848% off MSRP31315-93616
Thompson - Cod Liver Oil 800mg - 60ct Sg$6.09$3.1848% off MSRP31315-19707
Thompson - CoQ-10 100mg - 30ct Sg$22.19$11.5648% off MSRP31315-88786
Thompson - CoQ-10 30mg - 30ct Sg$14.39$7.4948% off MSRP31315-19395
Thompson - Cranberry Plus Berry - 30 ct Chew$18.80$9.7848% off MSRP31315-38041
Thompson - D, Cholecalciferol 1000iu - 90ct Tab$5.59$2.9148% off MSRP31315-89866
Thompson - D, Cholecalciferol 400iu - 30ct Sg$2.49$1.3147% off MSRPTPSN-19715
Thompson - D, Cholecalciferol 400iu - 30ct Tab$2.49$1.3147% off MSRPTPSN-19725
Thompson - D3 Cholecalciferol 400iu - 60ct Tab$3.79$1.9848% off MSRP31315-19727
Thompson - DHEA 100mg 30 Caps$9.79$5.1048% off MSRP31315-83201
Thompson - DHEA 50mg 60cap$10.29$5.3648% off MSRP31315-19364
Thompson - Diuretic I - 90ct Cap$7.09$3.7048% off MSRPTPSN-19775
Thompson - Diuretic II - 60ct Cap$5.09$2.6548% off MSRPTPSN-19755
Thompson - Diuretic II 90cap$7.09$3.7048% off MSRPTPSN-19765
Thompson - DLPA 500mg - 60ct Vcp$12.19$6.3548% off MSRP31315-19452
Thompson - DMAE 250mg - 60ct Cap$8.19$4.2748% off MSRP31315-19007
Thompson - Dong Quai 550mg - 60ct Cap$4.69$2.4548% off MSRP31315-19092
Thompson - E 1000iu 30sg$20.99$10.9348% off MSRP31315-19111
Thompson - E w/Mixed Tocopherols 400iu - 30ct Sg$7.49$3.9148% off MSRPTPSN-19610
Thompson - E w/Mixed Tocopherols 400iu - 60ct Sg$17.09$8.9148% off MSRPTPSN-19620
Thompson - Echinacea Purpurea Root 450mg - 60ct Cap$6.09$3.1848% off MSRP31315-19060
Thompson - Eleuthero 425mg - 30ct Cap$2.79$1.4648% off MSRP31315-19150
Thompson - Evening Primrose Oil 500mg - 30ct Sg$5.09$2.6548% off MSRP31315-19090
Thompson - Fenugreek 620mg - 60ct Cap$4.39$2.2948% off MSRPTPSN-19096
Thompson - Flaxseed Oil 1000mg - 100ct Sg$14.79$7.7148% off MSRP31315-19500
Thompson - Folic Acid 800mcg - 30ct Tab$2.69$1.4148% off MSRPTPSN-19895
Thompson - Garlic & Parsley 100mg/300mg - 90ct Cap$5.39$2.8148% off MSRPTPSN-19790
Thompson - Gelatin, Hydrolyzed 2000mg - 60ct Tab$10.09$5.2648% off MSRP31315-19641
Thompson - Ginger Comfort - 30ct Vcp$5.69$2.9748% off MSRP31315-19398
Thompson - Ginger Root 550mg - 60ct Cap$4.59$2.4048% off MSRP31315-19656
Thompson - Ginkgo Biloba Advanced 40mg - 60ct Cap$6.19$3.2348% off MSRPTPSN-19495
Thompson - Ginkgo Biloba Extract 60mg - 60ct Cap$9.59$5.0048% off MSRP31315-19480
Thompson - Gluco Pro 900 500mg/400mg - 120ct Tab$28.39$14.7848% off MSRPTPSN-19815
Thompson - Gluco Pro 900 500mg/400mg - 60ct Tab$15.69$8.1748% off MSRPTPSN-19805
Thompson - Glucosamine & Chondroitin w/ MSM & Turmeric - 120 Caps$30.19$15.7248% off MSRP31315-27501
Thompson - Glucosamine Sulfate 750mg - 30ct Cap$6.59$3.5346% off MSRP31315-19636
Thompson - Goldenseal Root 550mg 60cap$19.69$10.2548% off MSRP31315-19102
Thompson - Gotu Kola 450mg 60cap$4.39$2.2948% off MSRPTPSN-19104
Thompson - Grape Seed Extract 100mg - 30ct Vcp$9.79$5.1148% off MSRP31315-19220
Thompson - Green Tea 450mg - 60ct Cap$6.29$3.2848% off MSRP31315-19457
Thompson - Hawthorn Berry 525mg - 60ct Cap$4.29$2.2448% off MSRPTPSN-19106
Thompson - Horse Chestnut 400mg 60cap$10.29$5.3648% off MSRPTPSN-19405
Thompson - Hyaluronic Acid + MSM 30cap$9.09$4.7448% off MSRP31315-61769
Thompson - Ideal Bone Formula 120cap$19.59$10.4747% off MSRP31315-19422
Thompson - Ideal Iron 50mg 60tab$4.49$2.3448% off MSRPTPSN-19995
Thompson - Inositol Unflavored 700mg - 2oz Powder$11.19$5.8348% off MSRPTPSN-19046
Thompson - K 100mcg - 30ct Cap$2.69$1.4148% off MSRPTPSN-19935
Thompson - Kelp 225mcg 200tab$8.49$4.4248% off MSRPTPSN-19810
Thompson - Korean Ginseng 535mg 30cap$10.59$5.6647% off MSRP31315-19148
Thompson - L-Arginine 1000mg - 30ct Tab$8.69$4.5348% off MSRP31315-19009
Thompson - L-Carnitine 250mg 30cap$9.69$5.0648% off MSRP31315-19004
Thompson - L-Carnitine 500mg - 30ct Cap$16.29$8.4948% off MSRP31315-19230
Thompson - L-Cysteine 500mg - 30ct Cap$6.49$3.3848% off MSRP31315-19006
Thompson - L-Glutamine 500mg - 30ct Vcp$4.99$2.6048% off MSRP31315-19676
Thompson - L-Glutamine Unflavored 1000mg - 170g Powder$18.99$9.8948% off MSRP31315-52197
Thompson - L-Lysine 500mg - 60ct Tab$4.99$2.6048% off MSRP31315-19750
Thompson - L-Lysine Powder Unflv 1000mg 30g Powder$4.39$2.2449% off MSRPTPSN-57834
Thompson - L-Phenylalanine 500mg - 30ct Cap$5.09$2.6548% off MSRP31315-19018
Thompson - L-Theanine Maxicaps 200mg 30vcap$15.09$7.8648% off MSRP31315-19632
Thompson - L-Tyrosine 500mg - 30ct Cap$5.09$2.6548% off MSRP31315-19042
Thompson - Lecithin 1200mg - 60ct Sg$7.49$3.9148% off MSRP31315-19945
Thompson - Lecithin 1200mg 120sg$12.39$6.4548% off MSRP31315-19955
Thompson - Lecithin Granules Unflavored - 14oz Powder$20.79$10.8348% off MSRP31315-19520
Thompson - Lung Support - 30Tab$10.19$6.5536% off MSRP31315-61535
Thompson - Lutein 18mg - 30ct Vcp$14.79$7.7148% off MSRP31315-19596
Thompson - Lutein 6mg - 30ct Cap$6.99$3.6448% off MSRP31315-19948
Thompson - Lycopene 10mg - 30ct Sg$15.29$8.1747% off MSRP31315-19926
Thompson - Maca 525mg 60cap$6.29$3.2848% off MSRPTPSN-19112
Thompson - Magnesium 100mg - 120ct Tab$6.19$3.2348% off MSRPTPSN-19155
Thompson - Magnesium Malate 400mg - 120ct Tab$11.29$5.8948% off MSRP31315-19159
Thompson - Mangosteen 475mg - 30ct Vcp$5.79$3.0248% off MSRP31315-13452
Thompson - Melatonin SR 3mg 30tab$3.39$1.7748% off MSRP31315-19250
Thompson - Memory Plus 60cap$7.59$3.9648% off MSRP31315-19177
Thompson - Menopause Support - 30Vcp$17.49$8.5451% off MSRP31315-81153
Thompson - MigraSoothe - 60Cap$16.49$8.5948% off MSRP31315-65587
Thompson - Milk Thistle Extract 160mg 120vcap$18.39$9.5848% off MSRPTPSN-19415
Thompson - Milk Thistle Extract 175mg - 60ct Vcp$10.29$5.3648% off MSRPTPSN-19425
Thompson - Mineral Complex, Complete - 100ct Tab$8.59$4.4848% off MSRP31315-19470
Thompson - MSM 1000mg 120tab$10.79$5.6248% off MSRP31315-19260
Thompson - MSM Glucosamine 500mg/500mg - 60ct Tab$7.49$3.9148% off MSRP31315-19200
Thompson - Multi Formula for Women - 60ct Cap$8.79$4.5848% off MSRPTPSN-19546
Thompson - Multi Vitamins w/Minerals - 120ct Tab$8.19$4.2748% off MSRPTPSN-19115
Thompson - Multi Vitamins w/Minerals 60tab$5.39$2.8248% off MSRPTPSN-19566
Thompson - Niacin 500mg 30tab$3.19$1.6748% off MSRPTPSN-19215
Thompson - Niacinamide 500mg 30cap$3.09$1.6248% off MSRP31315-19034
Thompson - No Flush Niacin 500mg - 30ct Vcp$5.99$3.1348% off MSRPTPSN-19036
Thompson - Nuplex w/Iron - 180ct Tab$18.59$9.6948% off MSRPTPSN-19235
Thompson - Nuplex w/Iron - 90ct Tab$9.69$5.0548% off MSRPTPSN-19225
Thompson - Nuplex w/Iron 30ct$5.99$3.2146% off MSRP31315-47724
Thompson - Olive Leaf 250mg - 60ct Cap$8.59$4.4848% off MSRPTPSN-19290
Thompson - Omega 3 1,000mg 30ct$6.29$3.2848% off MSRP31315-45020
Thompson - Omega 3 1000mg 100sg$12.69$6.6148% off MSRP31315-19320
Thompson - Omega 3-6-9 1200mg - 60ct Sg$12.19$6.3548% off MSRP31315-19321
Thompson - Omega 3-6-9 1200mg 120sg$23.49$12.2348% off MSRP31315-25381
Thompson - Oregano Oil 150mg 60sg$10.19$5.3148% off MSRPTPSN-19120
Thompson - Pantothenic Acid 500mg - 60ct Tab$7.99$4.1648% off MSRPTPSN-19275
Thompson - Pau D' Arco 510mg - 60ct Cap$4.19$2.1948% off MSRP31315-19122
Thompson - Peppermint Gels 250mg - 30ct Sg$11.09$5.7848% off MSRP31315-88624
Thompson - Policosanol 10mg 30vcap$8.19$4.3847% off MSRP31315-21154
Thompson - Pomegranate Blueberry 300mg/175mg - 60ct Chew$11.99$6.4147% off MSRP31315-53718
Thompson - Pomegranate Extract 250mg - 60ct Cap$17.39$9.3047% off MSRP31315-36065
Thompson - Potassium, Organic 99mg - 180ct Tab$9.29$4.8448% off MSRPTPSN-19175
Thompson - Potassium, Organic 99mg - 90ct Tab$5.29$2.7648% off MSRPTPSN-19165
Thompson - Prenatal Formula - 60ct Tab$7.19$3.8447% off MSRPTPSN-19265
Thompson - Prenatal Multi - 60Vcp$13.59$7.0848% off MSRP31315-75302
Thompson - Propolis 650mg - 100ct Cap$19.99$10.4148% off MSRP31315-19166
Thompson - Protein Powder Unflavored - 1lb Powder$22.29$11.9147% off MSRP31315-19305
Thompson - Psyllium Husk 1050mg - 120ct Cap$8.29$4.3248% off MSRP31315-19433
Thompson - Psyllium Husk Powder Unflavored - 180g$7.49$4.5839% off MSRP31315-92496
Thompson - Pumpkin Seed Oil 1000mg 60sg$10.09$5.2648% off MSRP31315-19323
Thompson - Red Yeast Rice 600mg - 60ct Vcp$16.69$8.6948% off MSRPTPSN-19716
Thompson - Red Yeast Rice 600mg 100vcap$25.89$13.4948% off MSRP31315-19718
Thompson - Red Yeast Rice CoQ-10 600mg/30mg - 60ct Vcp$28.39$14.7848% off MSRP31315-35020
Thompson - Resveratrol Plus 75mg - 30ct Vcp$10.79$5.6248% off MSRP31315-68642
Thompson - Resveratrol Plus 75mg - 30ct Vcp$10.79$5.6248% off MSRP31315-68642
Thompson - Royal Jelly 2000mg - 60ct Cap$20.39$10.6248% off MSRPTPSN-19350
Thompson - Rutin 500mg 60tab$6.39$3.3348% off MSRPTPSN-19840
Thompson - Saw Palmetto Extract 300mg - 60ct Sg$14.99$7.8048% off MSRP31315-19360
Thompson - Selenium 200mcg - 60ct Tab$6.09$3.1848% off MSRPTPSN-19650
Thompson - Selenium, Yeast Free 200mcg - 30ct caps$3.59$1.8748% off MSRPTPSN-19490
Thompson - Spirulina Unflavored 3g - 3.5oz Powder$11.39$5.9348% off MSRP31315-19172
Thompson - St. John's Wort Extract 300mg - 60ct Vcp$9.49$4.9548% off MSRPTPSN-19136
Thompson - Stress Complex - 90ct Cap$8.39$4.3748% off MSRP31315-19141
Thompson - Tart Cherry 425mg - 60ct Vcp$11.99$6.2548% off MSRP31315-67665
Thompson - Turmeric Extract 300mg - 60ct Cap$18.09$9.4248% off MSRPTPSN-19666
Thompson - Valerian Extract 50mg - 60ct Cap$5.09$2.6548% off MSRP31315-19646
Thompson - Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol - 90 Chew$6.59$3.4448% off MSRP31315-36472
Thompson - Yeast, Brewer's Debittered - 1lb Powder$12.09$7.4438% off MSRP31315-19335
Thompson - Zinc High Potency 50mg 60tab$3.69$1.9348% off MSRPTPSN-19185
Thompson - Zinc Picolinate 25mg 60tab$4.89$2.5548% off MSRPTPSN-19105
Thompson - Zinc w/C Children's Fruit 5mg - 45ct Lozenges$4.09$2.1348% off MSRPTPSN-19845
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