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Flora - Vegetal Silica  - 180 capsules

SKU: FL-61435    UPC: 061998614358

Flora - Vegetal Silica - 180 capsules

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:  $36.99  MSRP
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 18% off MSRP

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Vegetal Silica 500 mg
Nature's mineral fights the physical effects of aging & strengthens nails, hair & skin from the inside. An important companion to Calcium for better aging of bone health.
Are You Getting Enough Silica?
For too many people the answer is no, and the reason is the over-refining and processing of our grains and cereals. With the removal of their outer casing, valuable silica is lost. Without silica the skin loses elasticity and hair and nails become brittle. Can this be prevented? Yes, the best way is to change the diet, but it takes time to honour that commitment. Can something be done right away to get a good start? Yes! Supplement that healthier way of eating with Vegetal Silica, the only organic vegetal silica from the spring horsetail plant that is chelated with bioflavonoids.
BioFlavonoids: the Key to Silica
Why bioflavonoids, and why from spring horsetail? Because chelated silica is the only kind of silica the body can absorb and the spring horsetail has a higher percentage of this silica than any other plant.
The vegetal silica in Vegetal Silica is bonded or "chelated" to a group of water-soluble bioflavonoids. These organic compounds take silica by the hand, so to speak, and help it "swim" its way through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. Only silica chelated with bioflavonoids will have the highest bioavailability and assimilation by the body- approaching 100%.
Dr. Kervran's patented aqueous extract of spring horsetail
Isn't every silica product like that? No. It requires a very special extraction process to keep that bond with the bioflavonoids intact. There is only one process that does this; the one patented by Professor Dr. Louis Kervran, former research scientist at the University of Paris. He devised the atomized aqueous extraction process, whereby the organic vegetal silica is extracted from spring horsetail using water instead of chemicals. Only vegetal silica produced in this manner has been researched and proven effective and completely safe. Only Flora's Vegetal Silica is produced according to Dr. Kervran's patented method and meets all these criteria.
- Vital for proper bone and teeth calcification in infants.
- Necessary for proper and speedy healing of bone fractures, torn and damaged tendons and ligaments.
- Maintain normal bone structure in the elderly.
- Maintains the integrity, elasticity and stability of arterial walls and thus helps prevent artherosclerosis.
- Prevent disc degeneration in the back.
- Maintain strong, flexible nails.
- Ensure the integrity of tooth enamel and thus help prevent decay.
- Maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
- Retain the natural shine, elasticity and strength of hair.
Unique Qualities:
- A pure, undiluted aqueous herbal extract of soluble silica from Spring Horsetail.
- Produced according tot he method developed by Dr. Kervran in Paris, France.
- Contains organic vegetal silica and is therefore very easy to assimilate.
- Production method requires no chemical manipulation thus guaranteeing maximum concentration of the horsetail's active principles.
- This pure extract is equivalent to 5 times its weight in dried horsetail.
- Also available in powdered form.
- In easy to digest vegetarian capsules, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
- Packaged in light resistant, recyclable, non-reactive, nitrogen flushed, dark brown glass bottles
Vegetal Silica 500 mg
Professor Dr. Louis Kervran:
Dr. Louis Kervran, professor emeritus of the University of Paris, France, began studying trace elements including silicon in 1949. A method of driving a silicon extract from horsetail rushed using only water, with no chemicals or solvents, was developed and patented. As a result of this revolutionary technique, a water-soluble silicon extract was made available for continued research and new applications. Clinical tests are constantly being carried out in different countries to provide further insights into this preparation's positive effects.
Beauty Secret of the Stars
Aging starts deep within your cells, which contain collagen, the binding element that literally holds your body together. As you age, collagen deteriorates and loses its natural elasticity, resulting in loose skin, thinning hair and brittle nails. One of the main components of collagen is silica.
The effect of silica on physical appearance is being touted by personalities noted for their striking, healthy appearance. According to an article appearing in the Swedish newspaper Halsoblast, Joan Collins, Goldie Hawn and Barbra Streisand all credit their youthful appearance to Dr. Kervran's patented vegetal silica. Goldie Hawn was said to find Dr. Kervran's special water-soluble extract of silica from spring horsetail extremely beneficial for growing thick, healthy-looking hair. Joan Collins and Barbra Stresisand were quoted as using it for longer, stronger nails and firm, supple skin.
It's important not to confuse Flora's Vegetal Silica with powders and liquids that are on the market. Insist on pure organic vegetal silica and let the beauty secret of the stars become your secret!
More Than Just Silica
The horsetail in Vegetal Silica is freshly harvested in the spring, when it contains more soluble silica, due to the concentration of bioflavonoids in the plant at that time. The gentle water extraction process not only preserves the bioflavonoids, but ensures a high level of many essential minerals and trace elements, making Vegetal Silica an important source of other health-restoring nutrients. Vegetal Silica is also encapsulated in easy-to-digest Vegicaps. All these factors put Vegetal Silica head and shoulders above other silica supplements!
The proven effectiveness of Vegetal Silica is due to the soluble silica content and the synergistic balance of all the trace elements. Clinical studies, research and personal testimonials have show Vegetal Silica to have beneficial effects on hair, skin and nails.
Research Backs It Up
Organic vegetal silica has received recognition in Canada. However, research from other parts of the world shows that the scope of effectiveness of organic vegetal silica goes much further. Here is what has been found:
- Researchers Sullivan and Volcani (USA) at Columbia University (1973) concluded that silica is an essential nutrient.
- Dr. C. L. Kervran (France) found silica to have a direct relationship with the absorption of all minerals, especially calcium.
- Holt and Osborne (USA) demonstrated in their research the essential role silica has in maintaining supple skin.
- Drs. Kervran and Monceaux (France) found that with silica supplementation fragile nails became normal in a relatively short time period.
The statements included above have not been evaluated by the FDA or Total Health. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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