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Enzymedica - Digest Spectrum 30vcap Enzymedica - Digest Spectrum 30vcap

SKU: 70480-29170    UPC: 670480291702

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Digest Spectrum Capsules
Food sensitivities and intolerances are common. Even individuals who maintain a healthy diet experience difficulty with digestion from time to time. Foods containing gluten, casein, dairy lactose and phenols are frequent triggers for both adults and children Digest Spectrum offers complete support for individuals wlth multiple sensitivities delivered in a single capsule dose.
The Problem
Food sensitivities (or intolerances) consist of an adverse reaction, sometimes delayed, to a food or compound found in food which is often the result of an enzyme deficiency. Enzyme deficiencies not only prevent the complete digestion of specific compounds commonly found in food groups, but also results in the symptoms associated with food intolerance.
Lacking the required enzymes for digestion also contributes to an inability to properly digest the nutrients in these food groups.
The symptoms of food intolerance usually affect the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and the skin. Symptoms most commonly observed with food intolerance consist of nausea, constipation, gas, diarrhea, skin rash or hives, mucus production, congestion and cough.
Enzymes Provide Support
Our body uses enzymes to enhance digestion and turn the food we eat into energy. Produced throughout the digestive tract and available from raw foods and supplements, these enzymes include: amylase tor carbohydrates, lipase for fats, protease for proteins, and cellulose for fiber.
Like tiny shears, enzymes help break down the foods we eat leaving particles small enough to provide nutrition to the cells after they enter trie bloodstream.
In addition to aiding digestion, some enzymes provide additional support to the body by eliminating harmful toxins and by-products.
Food Intolerance: A Common Sign of Impaired Digestion
Poor food choices, constipation and various health challenges can lead to impaired digestion, a widespread cause of food sensitivity. ""Undigested food particles in the intestine can irritate and potentially damage the bowel wall,"" shares Ellen Cutler, M.D.. whose Mill Valley, California practice caters to patients with digestive distress. ""Given time, this irritation may reduce our digestive capacity and influence the absorption process.""
Dr. Cutler has over 20 years of clinical experience treating digestion and allergy-related conditions, and is the author of the best-selling book, MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes.
""Taking a daily enzyme supplement can create the foundation of a healthy digestive process,"" continues Cutler. ""A product containing a full spectrum blend of all four key enzymes is considered an ideal digestive aid.""
Digest Spectrum combines multiple strains of amylase, protease, lipase and cellulose with specialized enzymes for gluten, phenol, dairy and casein digestion to provide a complete solution for children and adults dealing with multiple food sensitivities.
Use in Combination with Special Diets
Reducing or eliminating the foods which trigger digestive problems is a key part of managing food sensitivities, special diets are helpful to those with impaired digestion, dietary modification used in combination with enzyme supplementation provides peace of mind and complete spectrum digestive support.
Digest Spectrum contains no corn, rice, soy, potato, gluten, casein or sugar, making it an ideal choice for children and adults with multiple dietary sensitivities.

Directions: Take 1 capsule at the beginning of every meal is usually sufficient for most sensitivities. 2 Capsules may be taken as desired.

Supplement Facts
2 Capsules
Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Amylase Theia-blend 14,000 DU *
Lipase Ibera-blend 800 FCCFIP *
Cellulase Theo-blend 400 CU *
Invertase 150 SU *
Lactase 2,000 ALU *
Maltase 200 DP *
Glucoamylase 40 AGU *
Alpha Galactosidase 600 GalU *
Xylanase 20,000 XU *
Protease Thera-blend 98,000 HUT *
DPP-IV 1,400 DPPU *
* Daily Value Not Established

The statements included above have not been evaluated by the FDA or Total Health. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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