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Natural Factors - Multi-Acidophilus  - non-dairy -  4-Bill. w/FOS  - C  -  90 Natural Factors - Multi-Acidophilus - non-dairy - 4-Bill. w/FOS - C - 90

SKU: NF-1841    UPC: 068958018416

Suggested Retail Price: $20.95  SRP
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A new and updated Natural Factors Probiotic formula for general use by youth, adults and seniors and those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies, with L.rhamnosus as the predominant strain. Contains the widest spectrum (7 ) of well-researched probiotic strains, including two species of L. rhamnosus, to balance the whole digestive tract.

L.rhamnosus is probably the most important probiotic strain for health of the mouth to the small intestine. It protects by coating the mucus, preventing toxins from reaching the blood. It even results in better smelling breath. It survives temperature extremes and is resistant to bile salts and stomach acid, ferments 23 sugars and inhibits negative bacteria and yeast growth. It is hardier and keeps better without refrigeration. Compared to L.acidophilus, L.rhamnosus is 8 to 10 times more prolific, has a larger spectrum of sugar fermentation (important for people with milk sugar intolerance) has better control over putrefactive microbes, and is more effective at inhibiting disease-causing pathogens.

L.acidophilus produces lactic acid which keeps a proper pH balance in the small intestine, inhibiting yeast growth. Studies have show that L.acidophilus is effective in reducing lactose intolerance, inhibiting undesirable organisms in the intestine, reducing cholesterol levels and controlling diarrhea.

FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) are short-chained indigestible sugars derived from chicory root. They feed on and increase the amount of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. As they are indigestible they pass through the small intestine into the colon intact where friendly bacteria feed on them and multiply. With FOS the numbers of good bacteria remain high, reducing the overgrowth of bad bacteria. FOS, often referred to as prebiotics, are the ideal addition to a probiotic product to keep healthy amounts of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.

E. faecium is widely found in probiotics used in Europe and Asia. It is stable and resistant to heat and inhibits the growth of a large number of pathogens.

B. longum is effective against putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria. It has anti-carcinogenic activity, deconjugates bile salts, helps to synthesize some of the B-complex vitamins and may lower the content of serum cholesterol.

S. thermophilus and L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus grow in symbiosis, quickly producing important amounts of lactic acid that inhibit growth of putrefactive bacteria; they produce the enzyme lactase that helps prevent lactose intolerance; they enhance immune function.
The statements included above have not been evaluated by the FDA or Total Health. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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